We make you look good.

For decades Maximum Promotions has supplied banners to businesses, colleges and organizations in all 50 states.

It’s our quality and customer service that makes the difference. Whatever your needs, we have a process to fulfill them. Do you want the logo on your banner embroidered or screen printed? We can do it. Looking for something bold and eye-catching? We're experts in appliqué and other banner styles. 

We make most of our banners using 400 Denier Nylon and have high production standards where we laser cut our fabric for precise words, logos, and designs. No matter how complex your design, we can handle it.

Keeping your banners clean is a breeze, too! You simply need warm water and a mild detergent to make sure your nylon banners stay in great shape. Dry on a low heat, and if you feel you need to iron it, do so on a low setting. However, if your banner is screen printed, we advise you do not iron the logo at all, as this could affect the paint.

Learn more about our different banner styles below, or contact us with any questions or to get started!

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Custom College Banners

Our banners deliver a bright and positive image for your institution. We capture your brand and achievements throughout the year with our quality banners, custom-made to order.

Custom High School Banners

Our banners show off a vivid and confident image for your school. We capture your pride in the accomplishments of your students with our quality banners, tailored for you.

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