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Like any small business, we have humble beginnings. Maximum Promotions was started in 1982 by our founder Mark Nelsen as a way to pay for college with a simple redesign of a football jersey. In the 40 years since, the business and our offerings have grown and changed based on the needs of the community around us. What started as a small venture into shirts has become promotions, flags, flagpoles, banners and more being sold nationwide.

MaxPro has stayed in the Sioux Falls region for our entire history and we have always made sure to have room for in-house production. After 9/11, we were even able to handmake US flags in the flag shortage due to our Sioux Falls production department. While we no longer need to provide that service, we still make sure our flags are all American-made, and do the repairs on them here instead.

We make our banners by hand in our Sioux Falls production, too. We don’t skimp on the details and never have. We take as much pride in our products as you do with your organization or championship. Thanks to our years of experience, we know that when we make you a banner, it will last for decades to come.

Our other services – well, it’s in our name isn’t it? Whether you need shirts, items, or a full trade show booth, we have long-standing relationships with the best vendors to get you the promotions you need. Custom flags and flagpoles for your home or business aren’t an issue either! Whatever you need, we can help you get it.

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