Client Testimonials

In 2003, we purchased our 137’ flagpole from Maximum Promotions. We fly a 30’ x 60’ U.S. flag. Our flag and flagpole have become a landmark in northeast Sioux Falls.

We have utilized Maximum Promotions service contract option which allows us to focus on our business while Maximum Promotions takes care of the pole, new flags, flag repair and maintenance on the pole. This service contract has proven its worth to us.

We encourage you to contact Maximum Promotions for your flagpole and flag needs. The offer great value and manage any issue in a timely manner, but most importantly, they take good care of our beautiful flag and flagpole.

Jon Anderson, Dakotaland Autoglass - Sioux Falls, SD


Just want to thank you both for your work on the banners—my directors and deans loved the work you have done and we are very pleased! ... Thank you for such a wonderful job! 

Courtney Good, Rochester Institute of Technology - Rochester, NY


"Thank you for your efforts, assistance and great customer service.  This is why we always stick with you all"

Joe Biedron, Texas A&M University - Kingsville, TX


"The banners, are AMAZING! Thank you for providing excellent service from beginning to end. Our Founder and Superintendents are thrilled!!!"

Daniela Ponce - PUC Schools, CA


"I never thanked you for your help in getting the banner made so quickly and so wonderfully. It was perfect for the event we brought it to, attendees were incredibly impressed with its quality, and will be perfect for many more events to come. Your ability to get it made and sent so quickly, and to have a team able to help us with our rudimentary design skills, is greatly appreciated. Thank you again for all your help, we look forward to working with you much more!"

 Elijah Bonde, University of South Dakota - Vermillion, SD


"We are thrilled with the work you do. The cost of the banner is worth it as they look very professional and are long-lasting."

Joyce Gabriel,  Pacific University - OR


"Thanks Maximum Promotions, and Ryan for the t-shirts! These boys live in AZ and CA, but their dads all grew up in South Dakota. Roots, yo!"

Nichole Gerlach,  Sioux Falls, SD


"LOVE the new shirts, I will be in touch when I'm back in town."

Glenn Matthew Williamson, Sioux Falls, SD